A Coaching Legend literally comes alive in your hand. This Automated Mobile Solution, a rare advantage,  will change the world once and for all. The World’s First AutoCoach24/7, (8 years innovation), Fast Tracks Legacy GameChange


Our business builds digital download products that takes solution navigating to new levels, simply, affordably, quickly and confidentially. Our Target Buyer is Tony Robbins.  AutoCoach 24/7 is a mobile download that will radically expand Tony’s Legacy and Reach! Tony’s courses are converted into Exact Problem Targeting…then Exact Solution Steps showing an instant pathway. This has never happened until now. You now have, at your fingertips, the most advanced system of self-help, never before dreamed of.

The Unique Benefits of AutoCoach24/7

1)Affordable to all

2)User is guided to their exact problem. Gives immediate action steps to solve-non linear

3)Graduates of courses no longer need a)photographic memories b) Years of Solving Experience


Our Market is Legendary Coach, Tony Robbins. He is basically a rags to riches story and has success in his Market, per his Net Worth $600 Million.

15 million books sold

50 million audio programs sold

65 million products have sold over the past 30 years therefore the minimum units sold per year is 2,1 Million units. With the radical rise of internet, an average of 3 Million units per year, this decade, is conservative.

Auto Coach

a)Can offer it as a high value, down sell, to his existing client base

b)Offer to their teenage children…teenagers

c)Tony’s Legacy would be able to Fast Track other markets.

d)Tony can extend his reach globally  to lower income earners

The Revolution : Auto Coach 24/7 could sell for $2 per digital download


We have the finished product Auto Coach 24/7 and a website made personally, for our Target buyer, Tony Robbins (

Tony Robbins has transformed thousands of lives and businesses, per track rec ord. Auto Coach 24/7 founder is also a  testimoney of Tony’s training…

Grew to 9 properties in 10 years (with a disadvantaged background), which is now a Retirement Equity, that takes 25% of our time, and is happily married for 25 years now, and has begun a Legacy for Landlords.

Tony’s strategies the founder used are also in AutoCoach 24/7

Tony Robbins, would need to adjust or expand the AutoCoach 24/7 to his Focus and Vision. There is no doubt that Tony could take this app to new levels, and i would gladly assist if requested.


The Future is the Decision of Tony Robbins, to include or exclude the Founder to further Improve the Auto Tony 24/7 Legacy

The Founder of Auto Coach would love to be a part of improving, innovating and assisting Tony Robbins to take the Auto Coach 24/7 to new levels. This is far more satisfying than being a creative Landlord.

If Tony Robbins, does not need me to assist, then i would probably delegate many of my Investor Landlord duties and enjoy Life, even more with my Wife !

Should Tony require my assistance, then i would either become an employee or a partner.  i would be under Tony’s Leadership and training and would need to work to Tony Robbins short-term goals, his 3-5 year goals, his expansion strategy and he would know who to hire.


Auto Coach 24/7 has the World’s Best,Tony Robbins, Cutting Edge Solutions.

Auto Coach 24/7 converts these solutions from LINEAR to AUTO. FoolProof  

Auto24/7-the most advanced, simplest, quickest, confide in, Self Help App  

Auto Coach 24/7 Expands Tony’s Legacy by making him come alive on mobiles 

AutoCoach 24/7 is a digital download ( Affordable ) It Thrives in Pandemics


Between books & audio programs, Tony sells 2,1
Million units Conservative p.a.

 If Auto Coach 24/7
sold at an under sell of $2 per digital download = $4Million p.a.

 1) For 100% Buyout including the Royalty 10% per unit to
Tony is $1,9 Million ( R28 Million).

 2) An Investment of R5 Million, gives the Investor 100%
ownership, excluding the 10% ownership (Royalty sale per unit) (Founder &
Investors own this 10%). This is over 400% return within 2 years. (Sale to Tony

 3) Dealmaker gets a 10% commission of Sale.

 4) To get to Tony Robbins sooner, the founder needs to
draw on equity an amount of R390,000 (10% Equity). There are software tools, a
consult fee, and flights to engage with Tony Robbins

 5) Your Investment ideas are welcome.



Tony Robbins, has caused massive leaps globally in personal and business transformation over the past 3 decades .

Richard Daguiar has piggy backed his Training for 2 decades and experienced results, complimenting the miraculous and abundance in Christ Living.

Richard Daguiar SUMMARY 

1)Started Tony’s Personal Power2 in 1998

2)Richard built a mind power machine which caused 2 Results over the NEXT DECADE. a) Newspaper Article, Richards 2004 Lifewatch Invention. The watch that can start your car, open your gates, activate emergency services…b)Grew 9 properties.

3)This Property Portfolio gave Time for the Auto Coach Founder to exploit possible loopholes in the Gaming and Trading Industry. This Investigation Saved Decades in time, money and energy. From 2012, the Founder also Started the Godsolve System, his Legacy, which was Life Coaching his 50 Resident College Students for FREE. It ensures good group dynamics and tenant retention. The founders Yearly Turnover increased from R0 in property in 2003 rental to R1,3 Million p.a from 2015 to 2019. ( figures during pandemic 2020 and 2021 not included)

The Godsolve Legacy gave birth to Auto Coach 24/7 which comprised of over 800 Innovated Training Sessions (The World’s Best Teachings Simply for College Students), 9 years of constant and never ending improvement redesigning Power Point moving block tools and diagrams, increasing speed and flexibility in assembling presentations to different group dynamics. This eventually gave the Founder the Eagle’s Eye view to creating the Auto Coach 24/7

Durban lifecoach Richard Daguiar Displayed Logo that represents all his Success Training methodologies, Systems and training