A WORLD'S FIRST! AUTO COACH...that gets you to define your problems, and then instantly, gives you Automated Strategy to Every Problem & Emotion that stands in the way of your Happiness and Success !

The Angelsolve Auto coach Invented by richard Daguiar to expand the Legacy of Anthony Robbins, Ophrah Winfrey, Dr Hannes Dreyer

Problem Pro Wizard

This Pro button serves to protect you from problems getting in the way of your Destiny. When problems arrive, press this button, and you will be asked to respond to a series of questions that will expose your problem.

You will receive simple strategies and solutions from various World Class Gurus, Mentors, Billionaires, Neuroscientists and Success Coaches, offline. This intelligence will save you energy, time and money!

This is synergised by the founders 30 years experience with the above Experts, 6 years combining, integrating, and 18 months of software programming and data recording.

Problems Usually Activate Emotions !

Emotion Master Wizard

Responds to the emotion button press from yourself. Instant strategy is given to enable you to manage and understand your emotions. This is going to save you enormous amounts of energy.

By selecting the emotion that has pounced upon you, you will receive cutting edge world class strategies. This will protect your Destiny, as emotions are very powerful and they usually control us. Now the tables have turned!

We now have an amazing shortcut to intercept the effect of emotions on our lives, so why not reach out and help others. You now control Emo, Energy in Motion!

Wizard Strategies Need Special Tools !

Toolbox Titan

You will use two dropdown plugin Toolboxes. The Pro ToolBox (blue) and the Emotion ToolBox (red). These will be referenced from within the Problem Pro Wizard and the Emotion Master Wizard. These Tools are the Dynamite to your Destiny !

You may have the strategy and plans to build the house, but without tools it is impossible to build the house, your temple, your Destiny!

Watch Your Value Grow as You Learn !

Progress Pointer

Every button you press on this app, credits you for your action towards wisdom and understanding. Your points are displayed on your phone.

This is to show your worth and wisdom growing, so that even when there appears to be no results in your outer world, you will know the growth of your inner world. This update is displayed on most screens.

When you press the "SAVE POINTS" button, your points will be sent to our server to store a backup of your points in case you replace your phone.

Your Date With Destiny ...Allign Today !

Destiny Dive

Here you will have simple step by step instructions to Align To Your Destiny. Angelsolve will:

1- Reveal your current alignment of the Super Six, within you! (6 Emotion Drivers).

2- Infuse the Super Six (6 Emotion Drivers) into the Ultimate Order you were born to be in, which means you will become the ultimate you. You will then begin to attract the right people, job and business into your life. Your results will soar! and you will begin to experience Divine Destiny!

Included Course - 5 Flows of Life !

The Five Flows Of Life Course

This will simply show you the main flows of your life. The moment you understand and practice each Flow Gate, your life begins to flow with real results!

The founder spent about R75,000 of his hard earned cash to get, test, evaluate and prove these teachings with his real results.

Yes, you only get what really works...You are receiving 30 years of experience and real results, that moved the Founder from Zero to Hero!

...and it is SECURE,
Only Customers You Allow Access !

Imei Protection for Angelsolve app by Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins

The Best Coaches in the World 'Combined', Cannot Affordably
Compete With AngelSolve's Instant Automated Intelligence!...

The Angelsolve Auto coach Invented by richard Daguiar to expand the Legacy of Anthony Robbins, Ophrah Winfrey, Dr Hannes Dreyer
Angelsolve Auto coach invented by Richard daguiar to expand into the Legacy of Anthony Robbins, Ophrah Winfrey and Dr Hannes dreyer