Testimonies from 1 on 1 with Leaders and Business Owners

Graham Sandford – Managing Director of  Highway Cellular ( (Largest Nokia agency in  K.Z.N.)

“I strongly feel that our staff are ready to become one. I feel for once that the      staff of Highway Cellular is beginning to see that there is a future within the company. It has made it much easier for me to speak to my staff on a level that I have not done before.”

Dr J.Swartz - (Was Head of Department in the Faculty of Education at the University

of Stellenbosch and has addressed many National and International conferences on the teaching of thinking). – “I gained a new perspective on my personal goals and how to achieve them. His presentation is both enthusiastic and convincing. This is a programme that everyone needs and would benefit from, especially in this modern, rushed world where we so easily lose sight of true values.”

Brian Moore -International

Relationship Consultant  “My background in facilitating personal change & development, at a local and international level, had lulled me into believing that all was right in my own life. I initially felt a little “put out” when Richard told me he could help me to change my life through a short session with him. What has transpired is that Richard has helped me to see my worth and helped me to set myself free of much of the personal baggage that I have carried for decades. With his powerful life coaching processes he has helped me to clear much of the invisible mire that had coated my life. I can recommend his programme to anyone who wishes to move into the next powerful stages of their lives.”   www.celebrate-humanity.co.za     www.africa-dreams.com

Saleem Moosa – Owner of Jolly Grubber (5 branches)“I

was going nowhere fast! Richard helped me to re-evaluate my life and grow my business.”

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Motivational training seminars

Newspaper article by Wendy knowler confirming results.

·        Graham Sandford – Managing Director of  Highway Cellular ( (Largest Nokia agency in  K.Z.N.)

“I strongly feel that our staff are ready to become one. I feel for once that the      staff of Highway Cellular is beginning to see that there is a future within the company. It has made it much easier for me to speak to my staff on a level that I have not done before.”

· Team of Highway Cellular as at 14 September 2002

 How Has This Morning Benefited You?

I learnt a lot of things about work this morning. Things I didn’t know about. It helped me so much. You opened my eyes about the company I’m working for.


I feel motivated. I feel always looking forward to the next day at work. I can improve my life and make it more valuable now.


Changed my outlook and attitude towards life and work.


Made me realize my true self, esteem, abilities and capabilities. This training has been a real life changing for me. Hope more people could get the opportunity to be part of this training. Thank you!!! Well done!!!

Different perspective about clients.


I have decided to have a new outlook in my work/personal life. I will take things/problems less seriously and always look on the positive side of things!


It has taught me how to deal with customers more effectively. It has also motivated me. But my motivation goes more toward carrot motivation and not stick.


I have learnt how to improve customer service/improve my job. Talk was very motivating, enjoyed it. Was worth the while. Looking forward to next lesson! Thanks, good job.


Learning that I, as a Nokia employee, learnt to grow and know more about Nokia itself.


I have learnt how to see the positive in every situation and how to change my rules. Thanks for the excellent life changing input.


Has shown me a different perspective of my working environment and to look at ideas more clearly.


Given me a new perspective on others’ feelings, on life, work in general.

I expect it to greatly improve the working environment and it has given me a lot to think about.


I am a much more focused person now than in the morning, towards my goals and towards my life.


I’ve gained trust in this company and I have improved my listening skills.

I learnt that setting goals are important in life.

I now have a new perspective in improving/attaining my goals and objectives. Always be positive in things you do.

It is a good feeling, new future.

Nice to get to know staff on a different level.

Been motivated and inspired. A lecture that’s acknowledged.

I learnt that setting a goal and working towards that goal will really help you to become someone.

Motivated me.

I learnt that if you have a problem, meet it head on, for you reach your goal when you try and fail rather than never to try at all. To be able to achieve any goal I set for myself.

It has made me think about changing some of my goals and values.

A good effort. I enjoyed it.

New look at your daily life.

It is a changing experience, if we allow ourselves to be honest and put into action what we learnt.

Made me realise that we are who we make ourselves to be and we can all definitely improve our quality of life.

More enlightened.

I found understanding and how to cope with everything in life.

·     It gave me an opportunity to review my values and goals and to discover how important they are to have a balanced life.

Highway cellular Feedback as at 2nd November 2002 (vol 2)


How has this training benefited you since our last training ?


·     Personally, I have gained a new outlook of life.


·     It has helped with my relationship with clientele. I try to reach out to my clients, try to help them as well as listen to them.


·     I am motivated to give good customer service.


·     Made me more aware of what is really going on around me & what people want / need.


·     It has helped us to learn what the customers are feeling. Helped us to set our goals.


·     Helped me try to understand people


·     I am more efficient and understanding.


·     It has changed my Attitude towards my staff & Company workers.


·     More relaxing. Feeling to belong to this Company.


·     Feel a bit more comfortable @ work. Do my job better. Know that I am an important link in the chain.


·     It has enlightened me. I feel more confident.


·     This training has made me to be more influential.


·     Teaches how we can help  customer by changing simple things like voice, posture etc !


·     Gained more knowledge / different perspective in work & life in general.


·     Given me hope and brighter view of others.


·     To be more motivated.


·     Wasn’t here for the last training. This one is very significant and timely. Interesting as well.


·     Knowledge, understanding and experience.


·     To stop running and take a stand.


·     Definite improvement in Morale.


·     A lot.


·     This was my first and I found it to be excellent.


·     Made me realize anything is possible as long as I set my goals and values straight. And can reach the sky.


·     I have gained more, and I am now effective and I enjoying the work I am doing.


·     We need to help each other more.


·     Wider perspective & understanding of work. Able to diffuse problems & help others (teamwork)


·     Know more about other people.


·     I have the better understanding about the different personalities and characteristics for different people.



How have you benefited from the training today ?


·     Realised how important teamwork is. Work can be a nice place to be.-Larise


·     I learnt that by paying more attention you could achieve more, by listening.-Cheryl Pillay


·     I’m willing to take action in anything . I’ve learned anything is possible, nothing is impossible.-Silindile


·     Learnt how to improve communication with body language. Etc.-Trishen


·     Each individual / group is different with different needs & contributions able to be more understanding now.-Raheema


·     Yes I have benefited. We are a family and should all help each other.-


·     Very good. Learnt a lot.


·     Can understand people from body language. Working together.-Yu-Ching-Wang.


·     I learnt a lot of things that I didn’t know. It opened my eyes.-Awena


·     I have learnt/realized that anything is possible. Just have to go an extra mile to achieve my goals.-


·     I have learnt a lot on what to look at when a customer is irate. And how to handle that query.- Pravesh


·     It was very inspiring, unusual and yet exactly what staff training needs to be about.-Amritha


·     I have benefited great, have learnt more about body language and the things I can achieve in life.- Francis


·     I feel motivated. I have learnt that we have to go the extra mile to promote smooth running.-Karen


·     Yes- It was very inspiring, fun and it really motivated me to better myself, to reach goals and objectives of the Company.-Cheryl Moodley


·     Improve my strategies in my workplace. Aim for larger goals in life.-Nishen


·     To be clear and let no obstacles stand in the way of achievements.-Kevin


·     I’ve set my goals & going to work towards it. Learned more about the customers needs.


·     We learnt much more about our staffs quality and about them personally.


·     Got to know my staff much better & learnt to work with customer (patient)-Melody


·     I have been taught on how to be a team player.- Siyabonga


·     More self-esteem ; Self actualization

·     Feeling of belonging ; Recognition towards self.


·     Yes I have,  and thanks to you & your wife & Graham.-Jerome


·     Very inspiring, more tasks and lots of encouragement.-Ameline.


·     I feel motivated, can’t wait to put this into practice.-Hester


·     Yes, learnt how others could interperate our actions, how much we can achieve as a team. Working together.-Vineshree


·     I learnt something, I didn’t normally pay attention to – ie how to sense the type of client you’re faced with & the difference our body language makes-What our actions, tone of voice tell the client !-Shereen


·     I feel inspired. Feel more confident – P.M.


·     It has made me more eager to help my collegues, which should improve the atmosphere at work.-Sheldon.


·     I benefited from the training today. Knowledge and experience.-Bernadette.


Please comment on the clips. We would like to use more in the future.


·     They were brilliant & very effective-Larise


·     The clips shows expressions of determination, courage and strength & love.-Cheryl Pillay


·     The video clips were good, showed us how to work as a team, even if we are in a bad state.-Silindile


·     Excellent. Very apt i.r.o. each topic discussed.- Raheema


·     The clips were great.


·     Enjoyed it. Kept thing going.


·     Help me to understand from eye and ears together (feeling too)-Yu Ching Wang


·     I did enjoy the clips. I think you should bring more.- Awena


·     They were lovely, touching and relevant.


·     True reflection of one innerself. How they feel.-Pravesh


·     Very effective, recent. Not outdated. People would want to watch it.-Amritha


·     I have realized that nothing in this world is impossible. You can achieve anything you wish for in life by being helpful to others and working together as a team.-Francis


·     Beautiful examples. Yes use more of these.-Karen


·     The clips were effective in relation to what Richard had to say about team work. Etc – Cheryl Moodley


·     Improves the explaining of the training. People listen and relate better-Nishen


·     Inspirational Choices. Made Reality look like a Movie.


·     The clips were really interesting. It helped us to put words into reality.


·     Excellent – to be used in the future.


·     Yes, very motivating & convincing.-Melody


·     Clips were outstanding and linked well with the points put through-Siyabonga


·     Very much helpful and how people help each other in team work-much appreciated.-Olga


·     Richards clips were excellent. I think you should use more clips in the future.-Jerome


·     Well motivated clips and would like to see more.-Ameline


·     Yes, it was enlightening ! I now see “XYZ” in a different light. It’s no longer just an action Movie. It’s a lesson ! – Aneshree


·     The clips were excellent. There was a point to be made in all of them. If people could always work together. There is no mountain we can’t conquer-No problem we can’t solve.-Shireen


·     Yes. Very good idea..clips-P.M.


·     I thought the clips were entertaining and thought provocative.


·    Please comment on the overall training program so that we can magnify or correct the training areas.


·Training was awesome. Thankyou.-Awena


·     Excellent, putting things into light that we wouldn’t have thought of. Changes perspectives & perceptions.-larise


·     Taught us that by being motivated we can achieve anything we set our minds to do.-Cheryl Pillay


·     Action in a group, was not as much as the previous training.-Silindile


·     Very Good. -Trishen


·     Fantastic. - Raheema


·     Training was good. Nothing need to be changed.


·     Help me a lot (feeling good )-Yu Ching-Wang


·     It’s fun, real, motivational.


·     Excellent. Good stuff. Thankyou Richard and your crew.-Pravesh


·     Everything was discussed and portrayed exceptionally well. All that was discussed was relevant. Excellent program.-Amritha


·     The training was great. I am now seeing where I am heading, things I want to achieve in life. Thanks Richard !!-Francis


·     Well done! Very exciting.-Karen


·     Excellent.-Cheryl Moodley


·     More Mind Bogling tricks or question-----overall excellent and very informative which everyone can relate & learn to improve their lives…WELL DONE RICHARD-Nishen


·     The only comment left to give is great job Richard. That’s some real motivation.-Kevin


·     Everything was great. I hope we will have more sessions like this in the future.-


·     Excellent Training. Much more enjoyable than the first training session.


·     Perfect, No comment.-Melody


·     Excellent ! – Siyabonga


·     Training is very much helping indeed. Putting oneself together.-Olga


·       I think it’s a success to the company. I am gratefull of the time and effort you & your wife put into this.-Jerome


·     Training was excellent. Learnt much more and better views of everything.-Anneline


·     The Dancing, game of passing. Closing with candles.-Hester


·     Very Impressive, More Team Games would be more fun ! But an overall great show !-Aneshree


·     The training was very enlightening- I have definitely learnt a lot & I plan on using all that I’ve learnt today to hopefully better myself & my whole perspective on what I feel are “major Problems.”-Shireen


·     It was good – P.M.


·     Everything was very satisfactory.-Sheldon




Nashua Mobile KZN - Franchise Training – Feb2003


(Franchise Managers, Sales and Customer Care Staff )





Shanta (branch and Hr Manager)

 you did a fine job of mixing motivation with knowledge - it was not only about mindset etc in customer care but the actual thing - actual examples.....................I do believe if you and verashka spend more time like this with franchises, it will be worthwhile...........granted certain sales individuals will not be able to attend, but the next visit, I would like you to arrange at least a month in advance in order for me to set aside more time and have a cross section of the staff to attend--------customer care is not only confined to one department. it is the entire business..................with all parties working together, can we possibly fail

 As managers, we do not know everything and when we  can sit and acknowledge the person with the actual hands on delivering solutions to problems, that can only cause the service to improve.


Dean Klopper - Sales

Hi RICHARD, Thanks for the training it was worth its weight in gold.We need more training of this type within Nashua,not only in the cell devision but all departments as we are selling the company and not the products.

 To learn more about turning a bad situation to your advantage is what training is all about.

 Thanks once again for a very motivational session.



Nivi – Technical & Customer care

….Training was very informative. Light has been shed on a lot of unresolved queries. Was good speaking to someone who goes through the same problems that we do. It was more a motivational training as well, I think we need to do this often.


Melissa Naidoo – Customer care

…. the course was very knowledgable. i learnt quite alot about customer care issues and can delay with them without stress and strain.


Sean Day- Technical & Customer care


The training that we did was Very Interesting and it will help me alot with all the problem customers that I encounter.thank you very much for the training again hope to see you again to teach us some more

problem solving.






Rory Vorster-sales

I learnt that I should not be a reactive person but instead I should be proactive also that I should do 1st things first.


Craig Hibbert-Manager

I no longer see stumbling blocks,I only see challenges…


Michelle van niekerk-Sales

To keep my cool at all times


Desere’ Laubscher

I learnt to turn complaints into compliments




Susan Van Wyk

I learn’t not to allow work problems to affect myself or my family.




Melissa Howes Customer Service

I learnt a few things especially the table about actions---results---belief---potential………don’t let things get out of hand. Find solutions….VERY GOOD.


Tyron Hansen – Sales

 I learnt to make the effort and ensure that your attitude towards all is correct….. portraying a positive attitude and showing the client that you are going the extra mile makes all the difference.



Twan Kramer – Manager

It reinforced my very belief that attitude and input is everything!…to encourage my team members that they can handle any crisis presented to them…Lots of food for thought-Thankyou Richard! Your passion shines through.


Bianca-Customer care

I learnt to be more positive even though I might be placed in a uncontrolled situation and try to learn from that. I feel much more motivated….to be positive,helpful + have a good attitude and take action…Thanx!


Brenda Arnould –Sales

I learnt that even when I am having a bad day I must make a concerted effort to be positive as it has a rippling effect on everyone around me….positive attitude gives positive results.




Recommendations from employers


·   Nashua Mobile - 2003


….. It is due to the dedicated input of Richard that the Technical (Repair) side of the business runs smoothly and efficiently. Richard is a motivated individual who inspires others, and his great disposition  ensures that his tasks are completed without delay or complaint from customers, is a major asset to the Operational  Team. He is committed to outstanding customer services. 


Richard is an asset to any organisation . He is loyal, hard working and goal orientated. He shows initiative and is innovative in finding solutions to problems. Richard strives for quality results – he is output driven however he does not compromise principles and values.


Richard D’Aguiar exceeds expectations / an area of strength to an organisation.


Verashka Maharaj

Regional Operations Manager – KZN



Nashua - 1997


“….Your performance figures have improved remarkably. (Oct 100%   Nov 100%   …I am really pleased with your progress…” Kathy Dalzell -Cellular Manager


Nashua - 1996


“…a good example of Richards sales ability and competitiveness was displayed at the computex Exhibitions for both 1994 & 1995 where he sold the most amount of cellular phones….”


 “….Richard has….proved to be a confident, competent person who displays a high degree of technical skill…a good team player….a pleasant well mannered helpful individual who applies himself effectively and efficiently….I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard….” Charmain Horsburgh-Cellular Division Manager