What This Secret Has Done For My Life!

– Free from working 8 to 5 for a boss. Freedom

– This Secret has allowed me to move from employee status to Business & Investment Owner.

– Allowed me more time with my wife and family.

– Today, i am 52 years of age and have cleared my first Million ( 15 years later ). 

– Semi retired

– have more time to continue building on more dreams, growing money and serving others. 

– over a 6 year period built The Worlds First Problem Assist android app,  to assist people who are ambitious or Have Big Goals. 

– Our kids don’t have to find jobs because they can assist growing the Millions due to this Secret !

– We can fully retire within 5 years if we choose to !

– If we chose to grow no further, we are worth approximately 80 Million by the age of 80. 

– This Secret allows us to grow more Millions as the years go by, yet we work less and less as the years go  by

– This Secret has allowed for the Growth of other businesses that we love doing!

– One property is already bond free (paid up)


– Our 2 cars are paid up ( one is a Mercedes )