Angelsolve Auto Coach To Accelerate Hannes Dreyer's Legacy...

Hannes Dreyer to add onto Angelsolve , built by Richard Daguiar

Angelsolve Will Allow Hannes Dreyer to include his Property & Crypto Training within
Mobile phones that are possibly sold to the Followers of Anthony Robbins

1)Richard has attained amazing results in property growth and asset protection since studying the teaching of Dr Hannes Dreyer. (Antony Robbins instruction… “find a Financial Mentor”)
2) Hannes Dreyer has witnessed the magnimity of one of Richards Software Machines in action and is aware of Richards inventive ability.
3) Richard Daguiar’s 8 years constant improvement, on his once a week Free Lifecoaching Sessions for all his college resident students has been built upon the results he has received from Dr Hannes Dreyer, Anthony Robbins and many other Professionals in the practice of personal and business transformation
4)Richard uses many video clips and pictures of Dr Hannes Dreyer and other Professionals in his Lifecoaching Sessions.
5)Hannes can add Immense value to his own followers and the world with the Angelsolve Autocoach (refer Product Benefits).
6)Hannes Dreyer can Partner with Richard to build and bring Angelsolve to the next level so that World Leaders like Antony Robbins can extend their Legacy and value and reach to their clients via their mobile phones ( Instant World Class Strategies to problems, and leave a Legacy for Mankind). While at the same time promoting / linking to Hannes Dreyers Training Modules within Angelsolve's Tools and Strategies.

Picture Richard Daguiar with Hannes Dreyer. Richard won the award for one of the best video testimonials
Angelsolve Auto coach invented by Richard daguiar to expand into the Legacy of Anthony Robbins, Ophrah Winfrey and Dr Hannes dreyer