Angelsolve Auto coach invented by Richard daguiar to expand into the Legacy of Anthony Robbins, Ophrah Winfrey and Dr Hannes dreyer

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You can now delete the Free edition you were given before as our new version contains more stunning content.

       The Secret Sentence That changed my life forever! (2nd Download link)

        BONUS1, An Extra 7 Page Booklet Explaining The Secret…. (2nd Download link)

        BONUS2, The “Free Success Secrets Blackbook” (1st Download link)

        A Phone call from Richard ( Picture )

The low res version is 152.83 MB
The high res version is 487.17 MB

Installation Instructions

1: Delete the free version, You get access to more functions in the paid version.

2: Click the link above, choose the low res or high res version, don't worry, you can always come back and pick another.

If you receive an unsafe download warning you can ignore it, it is a standard android security notice for installable downloads.

3: Once the download is finished, click on the download notification to start installation.
If permissions are asked, please allow them as we use minor access for stability.

4:To Activate, send your Paypal Invoice ID as well as your device IMEI to be activated to Richard Daguiar at
Please allow 24 hours for your Angelsolve to be activated.